A Quick Guide to Tumblr

Tanisha Bateman, Last Updated Apr 16, 2020

Social media is a great platform to connect with friends and other people throughout  the world . Social networking is a billion dollar industry . The First Social Networking Site, Geocities, was created in 1994, allowing users to create and customize their own websites. Since then this industry has only grown.

In this growing and competitive world many social media platforms have arrived like Facebook , Instagram , Snapchat and many others . Among this social media platform Tumblr is one of them .

Today , In this post we will learn what Tumblr is.  How can you use it? How does tumblr work ? Features of Tumblr . If you want to know everything about Tumblr read this post carefully

1 . What is Tumblr ?

‘ Tumblr ‘ is derived from an english word “tumblelog” which means microblogs or short blogs . Tumblr is a microblogging platform founded by David Karp on 19 February 2007 . It is described as a micro blogging site . It is also a mixture of twitter wordpress facebook . Now the tumblr was acquired by Yahoo on 20 june 2013  Inc. for USD$1.1 billion in cash; David Karp remained CEO .  The content on tumblr is varied . You can find blogs related to  space to fashion as you desire.

2 . How to create an account on Tumblr ?

Creating an account on tumblr is very easy just like other social media platforms . Users can sign up by providing an email , password , username and URL for the blog . You can change URl later but it will have a negative impact on SEO . We suggest to find out the best URl that will suit at first

3 .  How to use Tumblr ?

It is the primary tool for tumblr users. This home page allows users to view blogs or comment on other blogs . You can add your own content to Tumblr pages . At the top of your dashboard next to your profile picture you will see different types of colorful icons there you can add different types of gifs, texts, video files and graphics. You can also view your last posts and  edit them . Users can also connect their Tumblr page with their facebook or twitter page so that when they post a blog it appears like a tweet in the other social media platforms . IF you want to keel app favourite blogs at once the little heart at right corner allows you to check all your liked items at one place

QUEUE -  Users are also able to set up delays to schedule their posts on Tumblr pages . It can be delayed to hours or even a day

TAGS - Users can add certain tags in their posts so that their audience can easily reach to their posts

4 . How to customize your blog theme ?

The greatest thing about Tumblr is that you can edit and customize your theme . You don't have to stuck at standard profile you can choose free and as well as premium themes for your blog

To start customizing your blog click on the user icon on the top menu on the dashboard . Now click your blog name . Now you will see Edit appearance on the dashboard click on it and you will be redirected to a new page

On that page you can customise several different items of your blog . We will discuss here all the features.

MOBILE HEADER BLOG - You can edit here profile photo a blog title a description and colors of your choosing . You can also add a header image

ENCRYPTION -  If you want an extra layer of security you can turn this on . Your blog will be covered with an extra layer of security

LIKE - You can turn this feature on if you want other users to check out your liked posts or videos

FOLLOWING -  If you turn this feature on other users will be available to check out blogs you are following

ASK -  You can turn this feature on to invite other users to submit questions they want to as you on a specific page of your blog.

SUBMISSIONS - By turning this feature on users will be able to post thier blogs on your blog . It will be automatically added to your Queue and will not be published till you accept and publish .

MESSAGING -  If you want to keep your privacy high then turn this feature on . IT will allow only selected users to message you

LANGUAGE -  If English is not your preferred language or you want to change your language . You can change it from here .

5 . Best uses of Tumblr


Like other social media platforms Tumblr is also effective to make new friends . On Tumblr you can follow any user with whom you can relate yourself . Tumblr allows you and your friends to share content with everyone but since multiple accounts can control shared they can also add content without leaving any notice to the user


Tumblr allows users to create a specific blog . Users who are interested in posting one type of format such as Photos can show their creativity in their blogs . They can post on any number of people . wildlife or buildings.


Like other social media platforms Tumblr is also emerging as a place to advertise your brands .  Many users who see the product will think it is cool and use the reblog feature to reach a wide range of other users .Many companies like Adidas  , J crew and Target are using Tumblr to target their audience

6 . What is Tumblr safe mode

Tumblr automatically wents in safe mode when it notices that the page you want to access contains sensitive  data . Tumblr throws an error that claims that . This Tumblr may contain sensitive data Go to your dashboard


Signing on your account is not only sufficient to bypass safe mode . You have to manually bypass the safe mode  ( Note : You need to be above 18 to bypass this process If you are not above 18 you have to wait then )


Step 1 - launch your tumblr app
Step 2 - Sign in and go directly to your account settings
Step 3 - Now look out for the filtration section
Step 4 - Once you find out filtration section you will find safe mode on    and off


Step 1 - Open the Tumblr app
Step 2 - Tap on humanoid symbol on you right bottom
Step 3 -  Tap on settings
Step 4 - Choose General settings from this menu
Step 5 - Scroll down the option and search filtering
Step 6 - Now search for safe mode
Step 7 - Now off the safe mode

7 . How does Tumblr earns money ?

Tumblr has 4 main sources of revenue
. Sponsored posts
. Sponsored video posts
. Sponsored days
. Theme sales

Users themselves are also a part of revenue income for tumblr. Users buy premium services like premium themes as well as other paid services .

7 . Best Alternatives of Tumblr

. Wordpress
. Blogger
. Soup
. Medium
. Mastodon

So Here is a quick guide on Tumblr . I Hope you like it . If you like please share it to your friends and it will be glad to see your valuable comments on this topic

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