How To Find Wi-Fi Password On Mac

admin, Last Updated May 13, 2019

Hey buddies, Welcome to our website - Today we will talk about yet another important topic related to mac wifi password. We will try to bring such interesting articles daily for you. Let's get started without wasting your time. Technology is being developed each second so does us. We always try to reduce the amount of time we spend on something. Moreover, We have lots of works so It's not possible to remember everything at once. The issue we face the most in case of remembering the passwords. We use different passwords in different places. Sometimes we save the Wi-Fi password to get rid of reentering. But if you're Mac user then you must be knowing that It's almost next to impossible for a normal user to find the password which is already stored. Today we will discuss How To Find Stored Wi-Fi Password. Read the entire article carefully to understand.

How to see a Wi-Fi password on Mac (Pro/Air or iPad):~

If you can't be bothered to walk downstairs to find the password then follow the below steps. To complete the process you just need to know the name of your Wi-Fi network. Warning: Don't miss even a single step to read otherwise you will be unable to get the password.

First Step:

Open Keychain Access app which is located in the Launchpad > into Spotlight search at the centre menu bar. Find keychain via search tab in application or launchpad

Second Step:

Select the Keychain Access in the left menu bar, and select Passwords from the category menu. This will filter the Keychain Access to just your stored passwords. Now Find Wi-Fi Name of your network

Third Step:

Double click on the name of the network for which you want to view the password. This will open a new window specific to that stored password. Click on the ‘Show password’ checkbox. Click on Show password checkbox

Fourth Step:

All you need is the administrator password. You will be asked to authenticate with a username and password. This account must have administrator privileges on your Mac. Enter Administrator password to Access for show password

Fifth Step:

If you are unsure what your username is then open up the Finder app and look up for the home icon in the Favorites sidebar. Your home folder will be called the same as your username. Username to allow

Final Step:

After successfully authenticating, the Wi-Fi network password will be shown in the previous window now you can check in the image below also. Now see password of your Wi-Fi network So we have given you the full process to find stored Wi-Fi password. Now you will surely get the password at very ease. 😊 I wish this article will be helpful for you. Share this as much as possible with your friends so that they get rid of such mere issues. Don't forget to like and visit our website again. 😊 Thanks in advance. 😊 Have a nice day.

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