How Much Does a Brick Weigh

What is the weight of a one brick?

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What to do first, when calculating the building blocks of the wall?

Bricks are the building block of walls. They are the materials used for the construction of fireplaces, buildings and patios. The constituents of bricks are aluminum silicate (commonly known as clay) and calcium silicate. They are usually rectangular in shape. In order to estimate the weight of the bricks, they have to be transported first.

Calculation of a Brick

The first and foremost act is to take the measurements of the brick’s dimensions, that is, length, height and breadth. After that, the dimensions should be multiplied together to get the volume.

Thus, the formula, here, is: volume = length * breadth * height

The volume of the object should be converted to cubic meters. In terms of cubic inches, this can be done by multiplying the volume in cubic inches by 0.000016 to cubic meters.

How the Weight of the brick is completed?

After the first step is completed, it is now time to determine the density of the brick.

The density of the brick acts as another recipient of multiplication to determine the weight of that brick in question. Thus, the formula – weight of the brick = volume of the brick * density of the brick– comes into equation.


Hence, we get how much the particular brick weighs.

Numerical Example—Make things Easy-to-Understand

Let us see this with a numerical example.

For instance, let’s say that the three dimensions of a brick are 10 inches by 5 inches by 3 inches.

Thus, length = 10 inches; breadth = 5 inches; and height = 3 inches.

The volume of the brick = length * breadth* height= (10 * 5 * 3) cubic inches = 150 cubic inches

In order to convert the volume of the brick from cubic inches to cubic meters, we need to multiply it by 0.000016.

Thus, 150 cubicinches * 0.000016 = 0.0024 cubic meters

The density of the brick (usually) = 1922 kilograms per cubic meter

So, weight of the brick = volume of the brick * density of the brick = 0.0024 cubic meters * 1922 kilograms per cubic meter = 4.6128 kilograms.

What is weight of the bricks in pound?

Weight of the brick in pounds = weight in kilograms * 2.204 = 4.6128 kilograms * 2.204 = 10.1666112 pounds.

Therefore, it can be said that in order to find out the weight of a brick, one needs to multiply the volume of the brick with its density.

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