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admin, Last Updated Oct 16, 2019

Today we are going to give away some Netflix Accounts for free. Yes You have heard right, 'for absolutely free'. Some lucky members will get the privilege of accessing these Netflix Accounts.

Let me give a brief introduction for those who have very meager knowledge about Netflix.


We all know that we are residing in a digital era.

We watch Series, Movies, Shows etc. for the sake of entertainment and relaxation. Nowadays we don't bother about renting DVD or CD players. Streaming service has become so much popular in today's era. Now you don't need to download files, just stream directly through your device. It should be regarded as Revolutionary Service with the closed eyes.

Netflix Premium Features:~

Now You can stream videos on your phone without any interruption. You can watch videos on your smart TV either if you wish.

Netflix comes with three different plans including Basic, Standard, and Premium plans which cost $9, $13 and $16 respectively. I’m using the Premium account right now as It is offering HD, 4K Ultra HD, and even 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) content with HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. To watch the 4K content, you will need to have a high-speed Internet connection of 25 Mbps or faster, and of course, a capable 4K TV. Moreover, You can stream through four devices to watch videos simultaneously. So I can share my accounts easily with you guys.

I really love the service they are providing but I find It a kind of wasting as I use it for just a couple of hours per week. So, I want to share the accounts with our visitors.

Reasons Why We Need Premium Accounts:~

  1. Entertainment: It is widely used for the sake of entertainment and relaxation.
  2. Varieties of Videos: There are various types of videos which you will never be bored of. You will be able to stream all types videos be It movies or episodes.
  3. Video Clarity: If you are the privilege of accessing a premium Netflix account then You can watch 4K videos too if your device is capable of and Internet speed is high enough.
  4. Get rid of CD or DVD players: We are repeating a sentence again that we reside in digital era. Netflix premium account will allow you to get rid off from CD and DVD players. You have not to worry about renting now.
  5. Offline Videos: If you wish to download videos, after downloading you can watch those without internet connection and It will be stored to your account until the subscription period ends.

Difference Between Free & Premium Account:~

Number of viewers:

You will be able to stream on up to four screens simultaneously but if you are om 30 days trial account then you will not be able to stream through one device at a time.

Clarity of Video:

If you have premium then you can stream full HD 4K quality videos through your devices which are capable of 4K videos but Internet speed should be high enough.

If you're on 30 days trial then It will offer poor video quality.


If you're willing to use Netflix trial account for a month then you've to put your Credit Card details and they will charge money once the period gets over.

We are buying such accounts and sharing with you so don't need to put your Credit Card details.


If you're on trial then you will be given a month to use for free but if you access premium account then you don't need to pay till a year.

Free Netflix Account and Password:

We are going to provide you premium Netflix accounts for absolutely free.

We can't provide Premium Netflix Account to everyone as It's very costly. It costs ₹999 Rupees. Some lucky visitors will get. We are working hard to provide your some facilities so please encourage us by visiting our website so that we can give away the more later. If you guys get the accounts then we will be glad as you are just like our family members.


Enough of giving explanation. Let's come to the point now.

We are sharing our premium Netflix accounts for free so that you get the privilege of accessing. We will write down the ID and password. Grab the opportunity.

Comment below if the password is changed somehow or if you're facing any other issue.

If all of you want Netflix premium accounts then leave a comment below. We will come with more accounts. We promise.

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