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What is a 866

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Area Code or a Toll free number

866 is not an area code per say but more like a toll free number used by a significant number of countries. We can now see a huge number of people using the toll free numbers. The first toll free number to be introduced was the 800 number and it was only used in the United States and Canada. Now there are a total of seven of these toll free numbers: 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888.

What are Toll free Numbers?

Toll free numbers are the numbers used in the USA, Canada, and other countries, which are under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). These numbers are the telephone numbers, which have a three-digit code, and these numbers can be dialed from landlines without the person who is making the call getting charged. In the case of these numbers, the person who gets a call from these toll free numbers is charged in the place of the person who is making the call. These numbers also allow long distance calls without charging any long distance fee.

The Use of the Digit 1 as a Prefix:

In order to make a call to a person living in the United States from any particular country, we have to follow the systematic chart given below:

Therefore, from the above chart we can suffice that 1 is the Country code of the United States. While making any international call entering the country code is necessary, even in the case of toll free numbers. The country code helps the receiver of the call understand from which country the call is being made.

The Prefix: 866 or 876?

We can find a very regular confusion based on the fraud calls from the area code 876. Now, to go into further details we have to know the difference between the prefixes 866 and 876 and their uses. As mentioned in the beginning, we know that 866 is not an area code but more of a toll free number and are used for business purposes or sometimes for individual calls as well, but people are often confused by calls from numbers with 876 as a prefix. 876 is not a toll free number it is the area code of Jamaica, and a lot of calls are being made to prove otherwise.

866 Numbers for Business

Phone numbers with 866 as a prefix can be used for small businesses. Customers can use it to call as well as to send messages as it is free of any charge and they are not charged with anything for making the call. Businesses use toll free numbers so that their customers can reach them without any difficulty or without having to pay any extra, this extra feature always plays a positive role for the mindset of the customers and in return is good for business.


Hence, it can be concluded that area code 1.866 is not actually an area code but the prefix of a toll free number in addition to the country code

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