What is an 855 AREA CODE

admin, Last Updated Oct 04, 2019

A telephone number with an 855 area code allows you to receive toll-free calls on your IP deskphone, smartphone and laptop. In USA, Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has revolutionized these toll-free numbers those are beneficial for small businesses, national corporations and government offices.

Even these numbers do not charge the callers and they can easily dial the numbers from their landlines and smartphones. If you are a subscriber of these telephone numbers, then you will receive a series of benefits and there are no hidden charges either.

Benefits of Toll-free Numbers

As the toll-free numbers will help you to deal with large inbound calls, your business will surely reap the benefits of using these numbers to appear more professional in the corporate world.  With the advent of technology, businesses can easily get rid of out-dated models of business expansion. Suppose your company is located in US and you aspire to serve your clients in Canada, then you can easily get a VoIP toll-free number that will help to communicate with other countries. Moreover, it will prove to be helpful when clients need tell-caller assistance, as they don’t have to worry about long distance charges tied to business communication.

Another major advantage of this toll-free numbers is that it can work effectively in marketing campaigns. It is more convenient to remember VoIP numbers than to memorise a geographically specific area code. Such visually appealing set of digits provides a new dimension of advertisement. When you lack a physical presence in any desired international market, this will help you to operate in that particular region. Therefore, your company can easily overcome the barriers of communication.

Moreover, the 855 area code can be accessed through internet. More specifically, the callers get in touch with each other through Voice over Internet protocol as the numbers are designed by using cloud-computing method. Even call recording option is available that will allow the company to keep the back-up of the calls made through the toll-free number and your company can use this as a reference in future if needed. Another added advantage is that the calls can be placed 24*7 without modifying business hours.


The 855 area code provides you with additional flexibility when it comes to choosing the numbers. It will also let you become more innovative and your business number is not only free for callers across US, but also an unforgettable one.

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