Which area code is 844 in USA

What is an 844 number?

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The area codes are prefixes to designate areas covered by the North American Numbering Plan. These numbers are distinct codes that can be called from landlines without charging to the person placing the call. These are used by toll-free numbers in Canada, United States and many other countries. The series with number code 800 are known for being too free numbers for callers and these codes are widely used by legitimate business organizations, Government agencies. The prefix 8 number codes are often considered the favourite of business organizations because people immediately identifies it as toll free business calling. This makes the approach of the organization look more professional.

844 Area Code Especially for the Business Organizations

This number code 844 was put into service from 12th July of the year 2013. These codes are also linked to many legitimate business organizations and other reliable organizations. Currently this particular area code is assigned to twenty North American Countries including US, Canada and a number of Caribbean countries. This integrated telephone numbering system allows area codes to be shared with participating countries.

How do you get a number with 844 Code?

Getting a number with 844 codes is easy. This numbers are normally given on first come-first serve basis. Legally, a person or a business organization can get this number easily by purchasing and registering it with a legitimate phone service. As this toll free number code 844 is used by several Government institutions therefore people do not question them. Some business organisations tend to take numbers that are easy to remember with rhyming words or repetitive numbers, those are called “vanity numbers”. However, this number code 844 is offered to business organizations for a fee, the receivers marked some calls as spams.

How do you identify scam call under code 844?

This number code 844 has been recorded for complains of getting scam calls. However, to identify scam calls under area code 844 is easy.

1. It can be checked whether it is a legitimate call or not by using a reverse phone number. One can also ask his phone company about spam blocking tools and user can also search for such applications on mobile devices. The number of scam calls on this area code 844 is comparatively higher than most other area codes.

2. This scam call rate started growing exponentially from 2017. People pretend to be from Social Security Administration (SSA) and try to get Social Security Number of the caller. Often the scammers reach the callers by the confirmation of SSN or with several business offers or gift codes.

3. It is often suggested not to share any kind of personal information of the caller over the phone including address, SSN or any kind of bank transaction details. Statistically, most reported calls are about health insurance, lotteries, charities, gift-coupons, legal issues, arrest warrant etc.

4. Mobile phone companies these days are most actively working on robot-call blocking too. One can go to fcc.gov/robocalls to receive any further information about how to block robocalls.

5. The caller can enlist his number in National Do Not Call Registry. Though it is not always considered as the best option, because this was created to stop marketing calls from legitimate organisations, so it may not work with scammers. However, it can help in spotting the calls.

6. It is recommended that if it turns out to be a spam call, one can report or block unwanted calls immediately and avoid answering phone calls from that particular number. These scammers should be reported immediately to avoid any further trouble.

7. Many business organizations use 844 phone numbers to make their business look bigger, national and more established. These toll free numbers are so popular with business organizations that it has reached beyond 800 numbers. But for these toll-free numbers hoarding or “number brokering” is considered illegal and hence legal actions can be taken against these.

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